When Jean Cherni and I started Pearce Senior Services a number of years ago, our primary concern was helping seniors who were making lifestyle transitions, usually from a home they have lived in for many, many years to assisted living.  In the course of carrying out our work, we researched and gathered a wealth of material and became an excellent source of information for senior care.  We wrote a number of instructional booklets on the process of moving, getting rid of clutter, and tapping into local and national resources dedicated to our senior population.

With input from aging specialists, we produced guidelines for speaking to older adults who must make difficult lifestyle decisions and provided definitions of all the housing options available to them.  Both our senior clients and their adult children caregivers continue to tell us how extremely valuable this literature is.  We also partnered with trusted and proven resources, including movers, clean-up specialists, antiques appraisers, and elder care attorneys.  We joined forces with a large number of assisted and independent living facilities, social service organizations, and commissions and/or agencies on the aged.  We are constantly adding to our ancillary services for seniors, and importantly, for the caregivers who serve them.

- Maureen Campbell, President


Senior Woman


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