Relocation Counselor provides advice, counseling and assistance throughout the home purchase process.

A needs assessment helps to determine:

Objectives of family
Style and price range
Areas within client's drive time requirements
Neighborhood, amenities, special needs

Mortgage counseling is provided upfront to ensure that the employee is looking in the appropriate price range and is pre-approved for a mortgage.

Relocation Specialist Realtors select housing based on the employee and family's requirements.  Special attention is paid to the spouse and the children.  Employees are regularly updated on new listings that meet their needs.

The Relocation Specialist Realtor ensures that employees make a well-informed decision with regard to purchase price and inspection issues.  This helps them avoid making costly mistakes and incurring delays.

Relocation Counselor constantly follows up with Relocation Specialist Realtor and employee throughout the process.

Relocation Specialist Realtor's performance is monitored & reviewed regularly.

Pearce Plus Relocation recommends inspectors, attorneys, and other resources required during the home purchase process.

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Our Counselors will organize
everything from start to finish.